Turd in Hand

Walking my greyhounds the other day, I stumbled into one of those sublime moments that you file away and retrieve for personal merriment, or whenever someone starts up about how cute, smart or clever their pet might be.

It’s damp, chilly and nearing twilight on a late winter afternoon as we round a corner near the middle of our route near the high school, and Chatterbox pulls up and assumes the dump position just off the sidewalk.

I reach into my pocket for a plastic bag, as I’m usually quite fastidious about picking up after my own dogs in public. But not this time.

Didn’t see it before, but Chatterbox had squatted over a lost glove lying palm-side up in the grass and left her deposit directly on center. Could not have sculpted a more elegant tower myself with can of chocolate whipped topping. Held like a trophy.  Wide base uniformly tapering to a twist at the top.

It was a work of art. Call it greyhound graffiti. A turd in the hand.  Bansky outside the bag.

I left it for the world to see. Came back the next day with my camera, but it had rained and the tower had turned to oatmeal.

Didn’t scoop that time either. Hey, someone might still be looking for their glove!


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4 responses to “Turd in Hand

  1. Our writing group did a prompt last year entitled “On some level he knew… I did mine about a -bull dog named Hershel who, try as he might, knew the rule about taking dumps on other peoples yards, but the lasagna his ‘grandma’ fed him had other thoughts…so much for short legged dogs who can’t jump fences. The dog had to do what the dog had to do…

  2. LOL!!!! Poop…..with a twist. Next time, put a cherry on top and see what happens.

  3. I have a friend in Florida who has a Rottweiler who keeps bringing home gloves. No idea who even owns gloves in Florida, but they have quite a stack. I’m wondering if he is collecting port o potties?

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